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A creative space to collaborate on the use of evidence-based practices in everyday learning.

Who we are :

QoreInsights is a place where every voice, every achievement driver, and every factor matters. It is a place where we use machine learning and technology to blend data, research, and best practices that allows educational leaders to prioritize skills that fit the needs of the students. Our insights are seamlessly embedded into classroom practice and amplified by supported and collaborative learning. The results of QoreInsights are efficiency, effectiveness, and equity

Why You Should Join Us

 Deeper learning can occur with our Classroom Education Plan, which uses learning engineering and a decision support system to intelligently match classroom needs to the most impactful evidence-based instructional methods. This innovative practice-embedded professional development enables teachers to identify student needs and be equitably guided to what they need to learn to best teach their students academics with rigor and equity (cultural, gender, cognitive) while developing compassionate student-teacher relationships. Impact on student growth is tracked and educators are supported with online communities and collaboration with peers. Through this Community you'll learn more about how the CEP works and collaborate with experts  on the best use of these practices within classrooms across the country.